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Global Strategic Assessment for the advancement of science

globalstrategic assessment

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miércoles 17 de junio de 2009

Island Biogeography of Noosphere

The continued expansion of Knowledge Society have created a dense network of information shared everyday by more people.

This process of sharing knowledge has been developing at diferent speed, according to the level of transparency in each of the diverse territories that build, by their convergence, the Noosphere.

Of course the speed of growing of Knowledge Society is in direct dependence of the speed in opening the old-structural barriers that increase "viscosity" in the transdisciplinary process of "surfing" beyond disciplines.

The different circumstances that fruitfully converge to have sucess in the Adventure of Scientific Discovery are analogous to The Birth of a New Species in Evolution. A New and Useful Theory is a neurosemantic field that changes, grows and die, in space and time.

The Usefulness of a Theory or any other piece of knowledge is in direct correlation with the Eficiency in Transdisciplinary Surfing, that is, the mean speed with what this Theory travels and fertilizes (and viceversa) any other Theory or Field of Knowledge.

In this Global Strategic Assessment, whose interest is, at the same time, Global and Strategic, we are going to take an index of Eficiency in Transdisciplinary Surfing.

This ETS index is going to be specialy applied to Integration and Implementation Sciences. I.I. Sciences are intended for globalizing the scientific knowledge that were over-dispersed in a Babelian list of disciplines.

I.I. Sciences actualy are those pieces of all The Territory of Science that acts as "Bosons", that is, always increasing the transconnectivity among disciplines.
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